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Painting Classes, community and miniatures



  • 19 & 20th - Brush Skills - Incom Gaming, Cheltenham.


  • 9th-10th - Fundamentals & NMM - LVO, Las Vegas, US

  • 16th - Intro to Airbrushing - Incom Gaming, Cheltenham 


  • 2nd - Brush Skills - Bad Moon Cafe, London

  • 9-10th - Masterclass: Andy Wardle - Firestorm Games, Cardiff

  • 22-24th - Army Painting - Firestorm Games, Cardiff

  • 27-31st - Fundamentals & NMM - Adepticon, Chicago, US

  • 30th - Intro to Airbrushing - Incom Gaming, Cheltenham


  • 6th - Free Demos and sales stand - Salute, London

  • 19-21 - Army Painting - Battle Barn, Indiana

  • 26-28 - Army Painting - Atomic Hobby Shop, Cypress, Texas


  • 18th-19th - Masterclass: Non Metallic Metals - Incom Gaming, Cheltenham

  • 29th - Brush Skills - Lincon, Sweden


  • 8th-9th - Masterclass: Marc Masclans - Stockholm, Sweden


  • 6th - Masterclass: Richard Gray - Roll Dice Gaming 2019, Bristol

  • 6th-7th - Free demos, painting competitions, sales stand - Roll Dice Gaming 2019, Bristol

  • 13th-14th - Brush Skills Deluxe - Element Games, Stockport



  • 7th-8th - Masterclass: Marc Masclans - Element Games, Stockport

  • 28th - Brush Skills - BIG, Bristol


  • 27th-28th - Masterclass: Andy Wardle - Firestorm Games, Cardiff


  • 8th - Intro To Airbrushing - Stockholm

  • 9th-10th - Military Modelling - Stockholm

  • 16th - Brush Skills - Legion of Peterborough, Peterborough

  • 30th - Brush Skills: Textiles - Bad Moon Cafe, London


  • 7th - Xmas Party!!! - Incom Gaming, Cheltenham FREE FREE FREE

If you own a gaming venue or run a gaming club and are interested in us coming and running classes with you please get in touch

STANDARD classes


Improve your technical skill with brush. This is a fantastic foundation class for allowing you to achieve a higher standard of finish on you models. We focus on:

  • Different types of brush stroke and how to utilise them

  • Dilution of paint and how to adapt it to different applications

  • Understanding how light reacts on different surfaces, and representing that using paint

  • Creating smooth transitions and blending, with the use of the brush stoke and glazing

This class is suitable for absolute beginners and more advanced painters who want to refine their skills.


Build confidence and a full skillset with your airbrush.

This class covers:

  • Correctly setting up an airbrush and compressor

  • Airbrush maintenance (including what products are worthwhile)

  • Dilution of paint and how to adapt it to different applications

  • Pre shading and highlighting (grey scaling)

  • Application of colour


An intense class that equips you with all the techniques and know-how in how to produce an army that will delight you and your opponents ( as you crush them beneath your iron treads/hooves)

Learn how to efficiently work on both troops and vehicles and get that pipe dream on the table.

We will practice:

  • Using an airbrush where appropriate, to enable preshading, colour application and weathering

  • Correct decal application on a variety of shapes

  • Using different weathering products from chipping medium, masking tapes, enamels, oils, and pigments

  • detailing - lenses, armour trim, weapon effects

  • Suitable for complete beginners and experienced generals.


Unravel the mystery that is non metallic metal technique. This class has been broken down to  make this difficult technique easy to understand. It covers:

  • How to render metallic surfaces

  • How to create tones simulating metallic colours

  • Blending and Glazing



Cult of paint is very proud to present our first special guest class: Marc Masclans.

Part of the aim of #cultofpaint is to help awesome artists run classes, so this class will show how Marc approaches painting. The focus will be on painting skin for all scales, and you get the amazing new bust from @heramodels_minis to work on.