Army Painting Infantry

The second of the Army Painting Classes for the year was held at  Firestorm Games, a really great venue located in Cardiff, Wales. Onsite parking and being a short walk from the town centre make this one of the most accessible gaming stores in the UK. The shop is also massive with all sorts of stuff to spend money on! 

For this class it was time to concentrate on the gunpigs. The dudes that get shit done. The "compulsory" troops. The focus of the class is to achieve a very high standard of finish that is realistically able to be replicated en masse across a force. We use a variety of tools, with day 1 being predominantly airbrush focused ( no experience necessary) and Day 2 concentrating on detailing and finishing touches. It was lovely to have some veteran painters alongside fresh blood and soon everyone was plotting a few more armies to add to the never ending project list......... 

Check out the gallery below for some of the sweet results

Henry Steele