Brush Skills

We recently ran the second of our new 1 day classes of the year at Firestorm Games. Brush Skills is a class we are particularly passionate about and were keen to get into the "syllabus". There is a lot of 1-on-1 time as we try to ensure that people go away with not only a better understanding of hairy brush painting and various terminology but also with improved mechanical skills.


To say we were pleased with the results would be something of an understatement!

Before Saturday, I knew I was doing things wrong but had no idea what, so despite loads of books and videos I still felt like I was playing a game I didn’t know the rules to. The way you explained the relationship between paint consistency, brush stroke and technique to deliver the result you wanted, in such a clear and instantly understandable way, was a series of lightbulb moments for me
— Greg - keen bean
Henry Steele
Salute 2018

Exciting times!!! We attended our first major event and what a blast it was. Thanks to the lovely  Element Games for asking us to be on their stand this year. We had a great time chatting pretty non stop all day to interested hobbyists from all over the world. 


Salute is a massive trade/retail type show organised by the South London Warlords gaming club. It hosts a painting contest that Andy has won multiple awards at over the last few years (no surprises there....) and this year our good friend Richard Gray took it out with this immense Imperial Knight Lancer.

RichGray LAncer.jpg

At the stand we were helping people have a play around with some rather special new airbrushes that will be released very soon........

Infinity Prototype.jpg
Henry Steele
Painting Masterclass: Skin

A very specific focus for this masterclass and one that a lot of people have asked for. We take you through how to approach "lighting" a  larger scale miniature and then how to paint the model with this in mind. There was also the option for those that took our earlier NMM masterclass to bring along their Black Sun Miniatures Barbarian model and continue working on him. Back at the lovely Incom Games this was another relaxed weekend really focusing in on an aspect of miniatures painting that many people lack confidence in. Not sure if this one needs an nsfw tag, but prepare for many nipples.

Henry Steele
Army Painting Infantry

The second of the Army Painting Classes for the year was held at  Firestorm Games, a really great venue located in Cardiff, Wales. Onsite parking and being a short walk from the town centre make this one of the most accessible gaming stores in the UK. The shop is also massive with all sorts of stuff to spend money on! 

For this class it was time to concentrate on the gunpigs. The dudes that get shit done. The "compulsory" troops. The focus of the class is to achieve a very high standard of finish that is realistically able to be replicated en masse across a force. We use a variety of tools, with day 1 being predominantly airbrush focused ( no experience necessary) and Day 2 concentrating on detailing and finishing touches. It was lovely to have some veteran painters alongside fresh blood and soon everyone was plotting a few more armies to add to the never ending project list......... 

Check out the gallery below for some of the sweet results

Henry Steele
Beginners Bust Painting

In the first of our 1 day painting classes we ran an introduction into painting busts, and other large scale figures at Firestorm Games, Cardiff. For a lot of people their painting journey will often begin with 28mm tabletop gaming figures. We want to help people feel confident about taking the skills they have learnt on these figures and expand their repertoire so that they can tackle larger scale one off pieces. Whether it is for a competition or just to paint something different and enjoy being creative for the sake of it, painting a bust can be a very rewarding experience. Only a handful of attendees had ever painted a larger scale figure before. Here are the results!

Orc Bust from Hera Models

Orc Bust from Hera Models

Army Painting: Vehicles Jan 2018

A great class to kick off the year. Teaching at  Incom Games  is always good fun. A gaming club by day and a rock pub by night it feels like a visit down memory lane. Sticky, snakebitey, moshing memory lane. The owner, Chip, is a top bloke, the shop has a good and ever increasing range of hobby supplies and the location is smack in the middle of Cheltenham.

Another sell out class with a great range of experience across attendees, including a slayer sword winner and a few airbrush virgins! We'll be back at the end of June with Army Painting: Infantry, a cracking follow up to vehicles but equally good as a first class with us.


checkout The gallery below to get an idea of what to expect.....